Anomura Housing Society not only builds houses, but also develops the partnerships needed to ensure both residents and communities are fully supported to ensure the successful ongoing operation and management of each housing development.

First, we work with landholders (federal, provincial, regional and municipal governments, government agencies, school and hospital districts, First Nations, non-profit organizations and private landowners) to identify sites that can support Anomura housing in the short, medium and long term.  We negotiate the terms for access to the land, and meet with neighbours and communities.

Based on the site (its location, surrounding amenities, the interests of the landholder and communities), we identify a resident group and a service provider that has the capacity and experience needed to support the residents. We work with the service providers to design the housing (so that it meets the needs of the residents and is also efficient to operate) and develop an Operational Management Plan that clearly outlines roles and responsibilities, including supports and services to the residents, maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and grounds, and community relations. The service provider is responsible for selecting specific tenants, working within BC’s current housing system, and associated government ministries and agencies.

Finally, Anomura works with all partners to negotiate the financial structure, with flexibility to consider ownership, rents, operations and maintenance.